Is It Okay to Use Marijuana to Help You Sleep?

One of the questions I get asked most often related to marijuana is about sleep. While sleeping is one of the most important things that we can do for our mental and physical health, it is a lot easier said than done. We have all had those nights where we just lay in our beds tossing and turning for hours on end – sometimes it’s related to stress, work, finances, relationships, and a lot of other things that could be going on. However, eventually we get over the problems we are currently facing and are able to fall asleep at night. But how about those 35% of adults in America that are diagnosed with some sort of insomnia? Insomnia refers to a condition where a person does not sleep at least 3 to 5 nights out of the week. Not getting enough sleep can be extremely detrimental to our mental and physical health. It can lower our immune systems, cause hair loss, increase levels of obesity, and even increase our risk for heart conditions and other chronic diseases.

However, today I wanted to talk about using marijuana to get your sleep back. I am sure that we are all aware of other sleeping medications on the market that supposedly help us get to sleep. Except, studies are showing that these medications can be super damaging to our sleep cycles in the long run. Plus, many regular medications for sleeping can leave patients feeling groggy and out of it in the morning. So is cannabis really an effective way to help us sleep at night? Well, read the rest of this article to find out! 

If we are strictly speaking about testimonials, there are plenty of instances where marijuana has effectively helped people sleep better at night. In fact, I am one of them! Ever since I started using marijunaa more regularly, I make sure that I take a couple puffs from my disposable vape before going to bed if I am particularly stressed or anxious that night. It is not something that I want to do all the time, simply because I don’t want to get addicted to it or anything, but it’s great to use a few times out of the week. The only times that I did not sleep well after using cannabis were the first 2 times that I used it – part of this was because I was just excited and amped up from the events of that night. Otherwise, I have slept extremely well every time since. Either way, if you do not want to take my word for it, there is also scientific evidence that suggests cannabis’ ability to help our brains relax and sleep better at night.

According to a study, the best way to use cannabis for sleep means picking a strain that is high in THC and CBD as well. Plus, you’ll want to be careful about picking the right strains that will actually relax you instead of hyping you up. Sativa strains are not going to help you sleep – you’ll probably just end up playing with a rubik’s cube late into the night. Indica strains, on the other hand, will leave you super relaxed and sleepy. There is honestly nothing better than smoking a really heavy indica strain and feeling your body completely and totally relax into the bed. You’ll feel slight, warm tingles spreading throughout your limbs as the THC and CBD relax your muscles and nerves. Indica strains are also great at reducing pain and anxious thoughts as well. So if you are wanting to avoid using other prescriptions to help you sleep, try using marijuana!

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